Housing Services

NKCDC’s housing counseling can give you free help with almost any housing need

What is housing counseling?

Housing counseling is not therapy. It is free access to HUD-certified housing professionals who can walk with you through the process of buying a home, paying mortgage, rent or utility bills, avoiding eviction or foreclosure, applying for free home repairs, etc. Our services are paid by government contracts, so they are free to all our clients (although we need to charge for pulling your credit report). Contact 215-427-0350, info@nkcdc.org, or visit nkcdc.org/appointment.


Help during Covid

  • Rent. In Philadelphia, landlords cannot evict tenants without first going through the city’s eviction diversion program. NKCDC can help you get rental assistance, reach an agreement with your landlord, represent you in housing court, and connect you to other housing resources. Call 215-427-0350, email info@nkcdc.org, or request a housing appointment here.
  • Mortgage. The ban on foreclosures from government-backed mortgages ended in July, but you may be able to apply for mortgage forbearance. NKCDC will tell you what options apply in your situation, and guide you through getting the resources you need. Call 215-427-0350, email info@nkcdc.org, or request a housing appointment here.
  • Utility bills. PECO and PGW have customer assistance programs for low-income customers. NKCDC can also help you apply for grant programs like LIHEAP. If those options aren’t available to you, you can request budget payment arrangements. For assistance with any of this, contact NKCDC at 215-427-0350, info@nkcdc.org, or request a housing appointment here.

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Buying a Home

Since 1985, NKCDC’s housing advisors have helped thousands of Philadelphians buy their own home, and we can help you too!

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Keeping Your Home

Whether you own or rent your home, NKCDC’s certified housing advisors can help you with all your housing needs.

  • Deeds
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Foreclosure
  • Home Repair
  • Property Tax
  • Sheriff Sale
  • Tax & Rent Rebates
  • Weatherization

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Credit & Budget Coaching

Are you interested in building your credit? NKCDC will:

  • Obtain your credit report with scores from all 3 credit bureaus, and explain how to read it
  • Provide letters if you need to dispute incorrect information
  • Help you create a realistic savings plan to meet your goals
  • Determine if you qualify for assistance programs that can help you reduce your expenses

Rental Apartments

NKCDC owns and rents more than 80 affordable apartments in the River Wards. If you’re interested in applying, please note that there may be a wait list but we are always taking applicants.

Podcasts from PHFA

Learn on the go with podcasts from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency.

  • Close To Home covers topics around buying a home.
  • Master Your Money teaches how to build a strong financial future.
  • PHFA Update discusses a wide range of housing issues.

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Schedule free, personal assistance with one of our certified housing advisors, by phone or online!

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Upload a Document

After you have been assigned an NKCDC housing advisor, you can use this secure portal to upload the documents you will need for your appointment.

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Pay for a Credit Report

If your housing counseling appointment requires a credit report, please pay for your report here.

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